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paper family with broken money heart and Child Support textOne of the most common family law matters that a child support lawyer in Kansas City, KS from Daniel E. Stuart, P.A. has handled before are issues over child support. Because of how contentious this topic can be, it isn’t uncommon for lawyers, mediators, and other professionals to assist with a resolution. The more informed parents are about their duties and rights, the better prepared they are to meet the needs of their children.

The purpose of child support is to provide funds for kids so their basic needs are met, including food, clothes, shelter, medication, and education. The parent who is not the primary caregiver may have to pay child support to the parent with full custody. As a Kansas City, KS child support lawyer may explain to clients, the family court judge will determine payment amounts and responsibilities based on numerous factors, such as:

  • Monthly income of both parents
  • Monthly costs of daycare, education, and extracurriculars
  • Living arrangements for children
  • Cost for pediatric medical coverage 
  • Commissions or bonuses received by each parent yearly
  • Parental voluntary underemployment or unemployment
  • Special education needs for child
  • Other factors that could impact a parent’s ability to pay

How much is paid in child support and by which parent will depend on state laws and many other factors. For most states, the child should receive the same level of parental income as if the parents still resided together. In other states, payments are calculated based on a percentage of the non-custodial parent’s earnings. 

If the court determines that one parent must pay into child support, and he or she refuses to do so, the other parent may submit a motion for contempt and force payments to happen. The remedies that may be implemented by the court to ensure the child gets the financial support they need is by garnishing wages or inflicting criminal penalties onto the non-paying parent.

We know how important children are to their parents. We hope that you consider contacting our team to help you through this difficult period. Family law issues tend to be emotionally-driven and complex, so you must hire a lawyer who knows how to handle these delicate cases. Call a Kansas child support lawyer in Kansas City from Daniel E. Stuart, P.A. to have us get started right away on your case.

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