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Angry aggressive barking dog in a steel cageIf you were bitten by a dog, a dog bite lawyer in Kansas City, KS from Daniel E. Stuart, P.A. would suggest tending to the injury immediately to minimize the risk of an infection. Your doctor can assess how severe the wound is, and begin a treatment plan right away. After the incident, you may not only be in physical pain but mentally shaken too. It’s a scary experience when a dog acts aggressively towards us. It’s understandable that victims would need time to rest and recover.  

Depending on what happened, the dog bite may result in substantial financial loss and physical injury to the victim. In these cases, consulting with a lawyer on how to file a lawsuit against the offending dog owner is a wise next step.

Observing the Bite for Infection

The initial response of treating a dog bite wound entails washing it with warm soap and water, applying antibacterial ointment, covering with clean sterile bandage, and seeking a doctor for further evaluation and treatment. In the days after the dog bite incident, keep an eye on the wound to make sure an infection is not developing. If you observe any of these signs, you must visit your doctor without hesitation:

  • Tender to the touch
  • Swollen
  • Redness
  • Area feels warm

Always visit a doctor for a dog bite that doesn’t stop bleeding, is intensely painful, breaks through the skin, causes loss of function, leaks pus or fluid, or appears to be infected. Bacteria such as pasteurella, capnocytophaga, and staphylococcus may be present in the dog’s mouth. Such germs can cause bacterial infections to grow if the teeth penetrated the skin barrier. Those with compromised immune systems or diabetes may be at an increased risk for infection. A deeper bite may cause damage to blood vessels, muscles, and nerves. As your KS dog bite lawyer in Kansas City may advise, even if the wound itself doesn’t appear large, small punctures should still be examined by a doctor. 

Victims are encouraged to get medical attention after a recent dog bite if they have the following symptoms: 

  • A high fever
  • Feeling faint, weak, or confused
  • Not knowing date of last tetanus shot

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A dog bite incident can happen if the owner failed to protect the general public from harm. The owner may be held responsible for the victim’s medical bills and other damages. If you aren’t sure if what you went through warrants filing a lawsuit, we can review your case and then provide options. A dog bite lawyer in Kansas City, Kansas from Daniel E. Stuart, P.A. is ready to take your call. 

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