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Big truck crushing smaller vehicleAs a truck accident lawyer in Kansas City, KS from Daniel E. Stuart, P.A. is well aware, hefty vehicles like delivery and tractor trailers can cause immense damage and suffering in the event of a crash. Stats show that many of these accidents happen because the trucker was not operating the vehicle in a manner that they should have been. Other potential causes could stem from a mistake or oversight committed by the trucking company or manufacturer. These types of personal injury cases are often more complex, simply because there’s more damage that can ensue, and more than one party may be held accountable for the wreckage. 

How to Protect Yourself

As the everyday car driver, there are ways you can protect yourself from an accident with a large commercial truck. As your KS truck accident lawyer in Kansas City may explain, because of its size, these vehicles require more time to brake and accelerate, and must maintain an even farther distance from those around them. Passenger car drivers are encouraged to stay an extra safe distance away and allow a truck to change lanes as they need. By using your signals prudently, not making sudden lane changes, and obeying speed limits, it can help you avoid getting into a tragic accident.  By driving too closely behind a truck, your visibility may be impaired, causing you to not notice signage or traffic lights ahead. Always leave more than enough space between your car and the truck, so you can respond to red lights, stop signs, or other unanticipated traffic occurrences. In general, car drivers must be alert to when tractor trailers or commercial trucks enter the roadway. It’s important to keep in mind that these trucks cannot move as quickly as other vehicles, and the trucker may not have great visibility to what’s happening around them. 

Getting Legal Help

If you were in an accident with a commercial truck, then chances are you need a lawyer and medical attention promptly. Your car may be so severely damaged that you require a replacement vehicle altogether. In the aftermath of a truck accident, the amount of loss in property damage, medical bills, and financial loss can be vast. Victims may want to pursue compensation through a lawsuit against the trucker, trucking company, and/or parts manufacturer.  Our team has been handling cases like these for quite some time, and understand the nuances associated with them. If you or a loved one has become the victim in a truck-related collision, we advise contacting a truck accident lawyer in Kansas City, Kansas from Daniel E. Stuart, P.A. today for assistance. 

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