Personal Injury Lawyer Kansas City, KS

Have you or someone you love been harmed or wronged by the careless actions of another person? If so, you should consider talking to a personal injury lawyer in Kansas City, KS to see if you might be able to seek compensation for the damage you experienced. Call Daniel E. Stuart, P.A. today to schedule a free consultation. 

Personal Injury Lawyer Kansas City, KSWhat is considered a personal injury?

Typically, people think of a personal injury as physical harm, but in fact, it can extend well beyond this. Personal injury includes damaging someone’s reputation, harming a person emotionally, a breach of contract, and other acts of bad faith. Some common types of personal injury cases include:

  • Vehicle accidents | If an accident was caused by a negligent driver then you may have a right to compensation. These cases can include cars, motorcycles, bicycles, airplanes, and boats. 
  • Medical malpractice | Medical malpractice occurs when a doctor or medical provider harms a patient. Common types of medical malpractice cases are a doctor dismissing or ignoring symptoms, a hospital or pharmacy dispensing the wrong medication, and a mother or baby injured during delivery. 
  • Elder abuse | Although any elderly person can experience abuse, those with disabilities, who suffer from memory loss, or who are dependent on others for care are particularly susceptible to abuse because they rely on others for their daily needs such as medication, medication, meal preparation and/or feeding and transportation. Elder abuse can take place in assisted living facilities, at home, or in senior centers among other places. 
  • Animal bite injuries | Animal bite injuries are unfortunately common. An owner is responsible for the restraint of their pet. When a pet such as a dog attacks and injuries another person, the owner may be responsible for physical and mental damages. 
  • Wrongful death | When a personal injury results in the death of a person, it is a wrongful death case. Every case is unique, so it is worth consulting with a lawyer to understand if your family is entitled to compensation. 

There are many other types of cases outside this. Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Kansas City, KS can help you understand if you or a loved one have experienced a personal injury. Sign up today for a free consultation today with Daniel E. Stuart, P.A. to discuss the details of your case. 

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

A personal injury lawyer will sit down with you and determine whether your case is worth pursuing. If they determine that you may be entitled to damages for the harm you experienced, they will prepare for a trial by gathering evidence, researching case law, interviewing witnesses and developing legal arguments. They will advocate for you in front of a judge and help you navigate any legal obstacles that arise during the case. They will seek reimbursement to cover your medical expenses and loss of income as well as compensation for the pain and mental anguish you experienced. 

If you or a loved one has been injured by the reckless actions of someone else, you deserve to be made financially whole again. Finding an experienced personal injury lawyer in Kansas City, KS will be critical to winning in court. Talk to Daniel E. Stuart, P.A. to learn what your legal options are so you can get the justice you deserve.