Car Accident Lawyer Kansas City, KS

Car Accident Lawyer Kansas City, KS

car accident lawyer Kansas City, KS

Car accidents happen hundreds of times every single day. They can be minor or they can be extreme and life-changing accidents. You need to know how to handle a car accident if you ever happen to be involved in one. Here are a few important steps to take if you ever find yourself in this situation.

Make Sure Everyone Involved Is Unharmed

Car accidents often come along with at the very least minor injuries. Bruising, scrapes, and scratches are very common accidents. You need to make sure everyone who is involved is unharmed. If there appear to be severe or life-threatening injuries, you need to call 911 to get paramedics on the scene right away.

Call The Police

You should always call the non-emergency line to get a police officer to the scene of your accident. Even if you do not think that the car accident you were in was bad, it is crucial to get a police report written up of the incident. This will ensure that if you decide to file at a later date, your needs and best interest will be protected. A police officer will be able to evaluate the scene of the accident to see who could have been at fault and how the accident likely happened. It offers an unbiased perspective into what may have happened to cause the accident.

Take Photos and Collect Evidence from the Scene of the Accident

If you are able to safely, it is important to take photos and videos of the scene of the accident. This could offer valuable evidence in the future. Since there was likely not a video of the actual crash, a lawyer will be able to piece together what may have happened by looking at photographs of the scene of the accident. If your lawyer does not have a good argument for your case, they may enlist the help of an investigator to assist in this.

Collect Witness Statements

If there were any witnesses to the accident, you should collect a brief statement as well as their contact information in case you need it in the future. Witness statements can also be crucial in determining fault for an accident. The police officer at the scene should be collecting this, however, it cannot hurt to get the information on your own as well.

Collect Contact Information

Finally, you need to make sure that you collect the necessary information from the other parties involved in your accident. This would include the make and model of the vehicle that hit you, the license plate number, and the driver’s information. This will include their insurance information, phone number, address, and anything else you may need at a later date. It should also be in the police report, but is very important for you to collect so you have it right away.

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Finally, the most important thing you can do before speaking with insurance agents or anyone else about the accident is contacting an experienced car accident lawyer in Kansas City, Kansas from The Law Office of Daniel E. Stuart, P.A. right away. He or she will be able to help make sure you get compensated fairly for your case. You want to make sure that all of your past, present, and future expenses are taken care of by the at fault party. Your lawyer will make sure this happens. Do not hesitate to reach out to our law firm today. There’s a statute of limitations in place that will make it impossible to file if you wait too long.

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