Getting Injured Or Ill At A Hospital

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You may be wondering what a hospital accident lawyer does. If you were injured or made ill while staying at a hospital, a hospital accident lawyer can help you with this. Although a hospital or its staff cannot always be to blame if you become injured or ill, it is possible that the damage was done because someone was acting negligently or recklessly. When this is the case, we want to make sure we can be there for our clients so they know they have someone on their side who will go to battle with them in a lawsuit. The attorneys at Cohen & Cohen, P.C., are trusted hospital accident attorneys that clients have relied on for many years. We help get victims and family members of victims the compensation they deserve after a hospital acts negligently. Please call our office to set up your initial consultation with our team now. 

Seeing Compensation After an Injury or Illness

Getting injured or ill at a hospital almost seems counterintuitive. You do not go into a hospital to get worse. In fact, you may have already been at the hospital because you were hoping they would fix another health problem you were suffering from. However, it is certainly possible that an employee at the hospital acted negligently and caused you to become injured or ill. When this happens, you should not be fearful when filing a lawsuit or think that there is no way you could win. Instead, you should be determined, with our help, to seek compensation for your injuries. Getting injured or ill at a hospital can mean that you have even greater hospital and medical bills in your future and these are not things you should pay out of pocket for. 

Why not hire a personal injury lawyer?

You do not want to hire an attorney who only understands general personal injury cases. Each area of the law is very nuanced and medical cases are no different. When you were injured or made ill at a hospital, you want an attorney who understands legal jargon and medical jargon. This can go a long way in ensuring you are getting an advocate who speaks the language necessary for your lawsuit. 

What kind of compensation might I be entitled to?

You may be wondering what kind of compensation you can get if you were injured at a hospital. Some of the most common types of compensation are:

  • Loss of quality of life
  • Loss of health benefits
  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Physical therapy bills
  • Pain and suffering

Similarly, if a loved one was made ill or injured and passed away at a hospital, it is possible for the family to receive compensation for things like funeral expenses, loss of spousal support, and pain and suffering. 

There are many hospital accident lawyers in Montgomery County, MD as the attorneys at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. can explain.