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Document titled "wrongful death law" with gavel next to itA wrongful death lawyer in Kansas City, KS from Daniel E. Stuart, P.A understands that as family members of someone who has recently passed away, there is a lot of grief to go through. And to add more pain to the devastation already present, you may have to deal with the fact that your loved one’s life may have been taken too soon. In some cases, a death may have been the result of another’s recklessness or negligence, whether that be an individual, company, or entity. Surviving relatives may not know what to do in the midst of their anger, but are confident in wanting to seek justice in honor of their loved one taken before their time. 

By law, there are certain surviving family members who may be able to bring forward a wrongful death lawsuit. If you suspect another’s choices were the cause for why your relative lost their life, you may decide filing a claim is a path you want to take. Most commonly, heirs that can file a wrongful death case are:

  • Grandparents
  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Spouse
  • Children
  • Other dependents

By filing a lawsuit, surviving family members may be able to recover damages for loss of companionship, loss of support, financial damages, pain and suffering, and funeral expenses. While we know that there’s no amount of money that can fix what has happened, the least we can do is find justice for your loved one and give your family the resources they need to stay above water. Examples of incidents that may warrant filing a wrongful death lawsuit with help from a Kansas City, KS wrongful death lawyer include:

  • Workplace accident
  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Medical malpractice
  • Birth injury
  • Slip and fall
  • Construction site accident
  • Property liability accident

With many years of success, we have built a reputation in our community for being relentless and fully committed to the success of our clients’ cases. We have the insight and experience required to handle the complex nature of wrongful death cases. You can depend on us to work directly with you and other loved ones in recovering compensation and obtaining justice for your cherished person. A case of this nature may not alleviate the weight of your grief, but it can give you the financial support you need at this time and into the future. Call a Kansas wrongful death lawyer in Kansas City from Daniel E. Stuart, P.A now to speak with a team member.

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