Truck Accident Lawyer Leawood, KS

Truck Accident Lawyer Leawood, KS

Truck Accident Lawyer Leawood, KS

A truck accident can lead to far more serious injuries than a car accident, as a truck accident lawyer in Leawood, KS knows. You may be suffering from injuries so serious that you have long-term hospital stays or you may even need to get surgery to fix your injuries. In other more serious cases, you may be considering filing a claim on behalf of a loved one who died because they were a victim in a truck accident. It is imperative that you hold the truck driver (or the responsible party) accountable for their actions when they caused an accident like this to occur. Speak with the team at The Law Office of Daniel E. Stuart, P.A. when you need help filing a truck accident claim. 

How can you prove fault after a truck accident? 

When you need to prove that someone else caused the truck accident to occur, you and your attorney will work to gather evidence. The first step is making sure you have what you need to properly file a claim. You will need to show:

  1. You became injured 
  2. Your injuries are directly linked to the accident in question
  3. There is a defendant involved in your claim

What can complicate a truck accident claim? 

As a truck accident lawyer in Leawood, Kansas knows, one thing that can complicate a truck accident is the fact that due to the severity of their injuries, the victims often need to be taken to the hospital immediately via ambulance. While this may be necessary for their treatment and recovery, it can complicate a claim because the victim is not at the scene. Thus, your attorney will need to gather evidence from the police officer who was at the scene, from their police report, and from any witnesses there may be at the scene of the accident. 

Is the truck driver always responsible? 

Not necessarily. While it is possible that the truck driver may have been responsible because they were fatigued, were abusing substances, or were driving distracted, it is also possible that there is another party who is responsible for the accident occurring. It could be the trucking company or it could be the company that maintains the trucks. 

What do you need to prove with your truck accident claim?

When you are hoping to file a truck accident claim to get damages after you were injured, you will need to have evidence proving that the other party was at fault for your injuries. It may seem like the only reasonable explanation for a truck accident is that the truck caused it because it is so much bigger than a car. Even if this is the case with your truck accident, that does not mean it will be open and shut. Instead, working with your attorney to gather evidence is the best thing you can do as you begin filing your claim. 

What if the other party’s insurance tries to push the blame on me? 

This can seem devastating. Because truck accident injuries can be so devastating that they cause long-term disabilities or even death, insurance companies do not want to be liable for that and trucking companies do not want that on their record. You should fully expect the truck driver, their company, and the insurance agent to look for every opportunity to place partial or full blame on you. This is why it is so imperative that you work with a lawyer who will speak with the insurance agent and negotiate on your behalf. 

What can a truck accident lawyer do for me? 

We understand that this is a very devastating time. In addition to recovering mentally and physically from this accident, you may be scared of all of the medical bills that are starting to pile up. Your truck accident lawyer can help you:

  1. Learn about the truck driver’s driving history
  2. Find an expert who can recreate the accident to help determine fault
  3. Get the speed the truck was going by requesting data from the truck’s “black box”
  4. Get the police report from the scene of the accident

Your truck accident lawyer can also look at the evidence and determine if someone else may be responsible for the accident. There is always the possibility in situations like this that a third party, like a parts manufacturer, did not do their job properly. 

Having an attorney who is fighting on your behalf can help when speaking with the insurance agents involved and it can also help when there is evidence to gather that you didn’t even know you needed. Don’t hesitate to get help from a truck accident attorney you can rely on throughout the process. 

When you are suffering from injuries after a truck accident, contact The Law Office of Daniel E. Stuart, P.A. Our trusted Leawood, Kansas truck accident lawyer is here to help you.

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