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gavel next to law booksAs a mass tort lawyer in Kansas City, KS from Daniel E. Stuart, P.A. can explain to clients, a tort is a civil wrongdoing that results in financial loss, injury, or another kind of harm. Civil tort lawsuits are filed by one individual, and mass tort lawsuits include others who have also been similarly adversely affected. If you are wondering what your rights are, how to file a lawsuit, or whether your situation is grounds for filing a mass tort, we recommend contacting our legal team now for further assistance. 

Philips Cpap Machine

Millions of people depend on mechanical ventilators for treatment of sleep apnea. Devastatingly, the machine that is supposed to help save lives actually may be causing greater damage. Specifically, Philips Cpap was recalled due to the finding that these machines may degrade and emit toxic material that then gets inhaled by the user, which can in turn cause cancer or respiratory illnesses. If you or someone you care about has used a Philips device, we urge you to halt what you are doing and contact a Kansas City, KS mass tort lawyer now.

Toxic Baby Formula (Similac)

Was your infant diagnosed with a condition after eating baby formula that was toxic? Infants who use baby food brands such as Similac may be vulnerable to suffering from necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), a disease of the digestive system which can be fatal. The manufacturers of Similac have been accused of failing to warn consumers of this possible danger.  Studies have shown that infants who ingest formulas based in cow-milk are at an increased risk for NEC. Perhaps even more alarmingly so, brands like Similac have created formulas for premature infants, who are already at higher odds of developing necrotizing enterocolitis.


Agricultural workers and farmers alike have filed lawsuits against the manufacturers of Paraquat for failing to notify them of its altering neurological effects. Such injuries are often life-altering and victims may never fully recover. Those who have been exposed to Paraquat after 1964 and on may have a claim. If you or a relative was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease after using Paraquat, that is even more reason to contact a lawyer immediately. 

Our team knows how to hold individuals and bigger entities accountable for the harm they caused to others. Sadly, many manufacturers don’t put in the due diligence they should to ensure their products are safe for use. These companies aren’t prioritizing the lives of those outside of themselves, so they should be held liable to the fullest extent of the law possible. Contact Daniel E. Stuart, P.A. now for strategic and compassionate guidance from a mass tort lawyer in Kansas City, Kansas.

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