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man and woman talking to a lawyerAt Daniel E. Stuart, P.A, a child custody lawyer in Kansas City, KS knows that being a part of your child’s life is something you can’t replace. When going through a divorce, it can make child custody disputes even more contentious and challenging. There are ways you can prepare before and present yourself during the hearing to increase the odds of the verdict you want.  

Keep in mind that the top priority of the judge will be what is in the child’s best interest, not necessarily the parents. For this reason, it’s important to build a case that shows you are focusing on the wellbeing of your child.

Create a safe home.

The judge will want to see that you can provide a supportive and safe space that allows your child to thrive. Depending on your relationship with the other parent, your ex may make claims that your living arrangements aren’t suitable for the child. Be picky about who you let around your child and visit the home. If you have younger kids, implement safety precautions such as storing medicine away in a locked container, never keeping illegal drugs on you or in the home, and installing devices on household items like cabinets and windows.

Be engaged in your child’s life.

As your KS child custody lawyer in Kansas City may explain, you cannot undo any unproud moments from the past, but you can start now to show you are a responsible parent who is engaged in their child’s interests. Of course, it’s better to begin going the extra mile before a child custody case has ensued, but it’s never too late to be an influential and positive presence in your child’s life. 

Show good overall character.

No one is perfect, however, you must exhibit that you have generally a good character about you as a person and parent. When going to trial to fight for custody of children, you may have to call up witnesses who can attest to your character. Consider meeting your child’s teachers and attending parent-teacher conferences, cheering them on at their sports games and other hobbies, and letting people see you showing up for your child’s biggest moments.

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