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Money on top of gavelWhether you are the spouse who will be receiving or paying alimony, you will need support from an alimony lawyer in Kansas City, KS at Daniel E. Stuart, P.A. in order to negotiate successfully. If you don’t have a lawyer by your side, it may alter the verdict that would have otherwise been more in your favor. You may decide that you are willing to discuss alimony cordially with your ex, or you may realize that trying to converse with them only leads nowhere.

Thankfully, there are lawyers like our team that understand the nuances of family law and how to use certain strategies for the betterment of our client’s cases. We are happy to assess your situation and offer reliable advice on how to proceed. Prior to negotiating with your ex about alimony, your lawyer may suggest realistically evaluating your needs as well as your ex’s financial resources. In spite of the stress of divorce, a middle ground can be found with assistance from a Kansas City alimony lawyer in KS.

Your Needs

You will be required to show a monthly income and expense report anyway, so you should use it as an opportunity to assess what you need. Assess the difference between what you make and the total of your expenses. Many of us have a general idea of our earnings and what we spend our money on, but it can become really clear when it’s laid out before us. Your lawyer can help you review these numbers before entering a negotiation with your ex.

Your Spouse’s Resources

Divorces tend to be highly contentious, so it’s no wonder that most spouses either want to hoard as much money as they can to themselves, or receive as much as they can out of retaliation for heartache. But as your lawyer may gently advise, you and your spouse are both in this situation together even though you are no longer together. You and your ex will have to address the issue that because of parting ways one of you may be left to struggle more greatly than the other. The goal of alimony is to provide more balance so both have the resources needed to build a new life. 

If you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement over alimony together, then the court will decide the outcome for you. The judge will review each person’s financial status and needs. What is decided must be followed to avoid consequences such as contempt of court, jail time, and wage garnishment. 

A Kansas City, KS alimony lawyer at Daniel E. Stuart, P.A. is ready to take your call, so don’t hesitate to reach out today to have your alimony questions and concerns answered. 

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